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Songbird is the first product by Ovrchr, LLC. It was a dream of Founder, Isaiah Barker, who when in high school carried around a binder full of original chord charts that were either typed up as Word documents or written down with pen. He pursued mockups and designs early on but shelved the idea to pursue discipleship training Hume Lake's Joshua Wilderness Institute. Until on vacation with his wife, the application he was charting on at the time stopped updating to the cloud and ceased updates altogether... so Isaiah drew up designs once again, showed his wife who then pushed to have him pursue development. Now, Songbird is being used by users across the world to write original songs.

Envisioned and designed by Founder & CEO, Isaiah Barker, and originally developed by Scott Mercer and Brandon Luna, Songbird was self-funded and released on July 12, 2019 with the core purpose to deliver the best resource to songwriters by creating an environment for music creatives to dive deep into qualitative songwriting; and connect each other in their pursuit of what Ovrchr believes to be the future of songwriting: cowriting.

Ovrchr, LLC is a startup based in Fullerton, CA that is currently designing and developing its future product lineup.

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