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Timothy Andrews   |   Holden Days

Holden Days is the occasionally-collaborative dream-folk project of Timothy Jude Andrews, based out of San Juan Capistrano, CA. Thoughtful melodies interwoven with expansive arrangements craft Andrews' sense of composition into an ever-exploratory pursuit of the most beautiful sounds to complement the most sincere sentiments. In 2017, Holden Days emerged with the home-recorded debut Cultivate, followed by Little Bloom in 2017. Both of which were a glimpse into refreshing, self-dubbed "dream-folk" sensibilities, while 2018's Wilder Shores of Love, a collaborative EP between Lofty Stills saw a much deeper and self-realised sound. Andrews is currently en route to finishing up a large sum of music to be known as Sylvan Lands, Vols. I & II, expected to arrive mid-late 2019.

"As a busy songwriter and producer, my main hope for Songbird is to channel and better focus my creative energies into my effectiveness as a lyricist, and to better help with my sense of workflow. All too often I find myself in ruts of feeling like I'm sounding the same or feeling tired of my processes altogether, and I think Songbird will help immensely with that sort of productivity!"

Timothy Andrews, Holden Days   |   Singer/Songwriter, Artist

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