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Grow in your craft and find your voice

See all the many ways in which Songbird is here to help you become a better songwriter

Organize your content

Keep your unfinished ideas separated from your completed songs. Store your songs into albums and have your ideas kept organized with custom tags that can be sorted for easy navigation. All in a distraction-free environment.

Access the best resources

Utilize powerful resources right inside Songbird. With the all-in-one search, you can find results in the dictionary, thesaurus, and rhymer all at the same time. Type in or drag-and-drop words and phrases into the word bank. Each search and word bank remains custom to each individual song.

Utilize audio & loop your clips

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Record, import, and export audio straight from the interface. Utilize simple audio tools right inside Songbird such as recording to the metronome, trimming the audio stem, and looping a clip.


Record a chord progression to the metronome, trim the audio to line up with the click, select loop, and start writing your lyrics to the chord progression loop.

Alternate your words & phrases

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One of Songbird's unique and most useful tools; select a word or phrase, right click, and type in alternatives. The selection will remain highlighted until the chosen word or phrase has been selected and finalized, helping you organize the direction of your song.

Instant transposition

Easily and seamlessly transpose your chord charts into any key. Watch Songbird transpose the chart instantly, even when adding a capo. You can write your charts using a desired key, Roman numerals, or even the Nashville number system.

Store notes & imported images

Songbird is equipped with note taking to store your ideas, inspiration, and thoughts. You can also drag and drop the images that capture your inspiration and stir creativity.

Remember & protect your work

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Some songs are written in twenty minutes. Others are written over years. Songbird allows you to save the progress made on a song. You can then view its history as unalterable images. Each draft is time-stamped and cannot be changed in any way, which can then be shown as a legal proof of creation.

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