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Like many of you, we’ve used just about every tool available for writing songs; from pen and a spiral-bound, to the endless amount of applications, software and services. None of these completely met our own needs. Songbird was birthed out of our own needs and those expressed by many of you. Created by songwriters for songwriters.

Protecting you with every step

The songs you write are your most vulnerable and important works of art. We understand that, and that’s why we take password encryption and login safety a top priority; ensuring only you have access to your work.

Additionally, you can save an unlimited amount of drafts for each song. When you save as a draft, Songbird will timestamp and format that version into an unalterable image. If you are ever in an unfortunate copyright battle of your own work, you’ll have legal proof that you wrote and own your work.

Support anytime you need it

Send us an email! We are here to help in any way we can. We are happy to answer your questions and would absolutely love to receive your feedback.

There truly is no comparison

There is a reason we claim Songbird as “The Ultimate Songwriting Application.” After years of research, testing, learning, and using other methods for writing songs, there is no other resource like Songbird.


We’ve implemented the basic needs every songwriter has such as a dictionary, thesaurus, and audio recorder, and have added the right resources that will help in the development of your craft and the finding of your voice. We are constantly updating Songbird to ensure you have all that you need to write your best songs.

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Due to their extensive dictionaries, MasterWriter is ideal to non-music-based writers such as lyricists, poets, and authors.

Songbird caters not only to lyricists and poets, but much more to music-based songwriters; those who write from the guitar and piano who need a place to wrestle with lyrics and create chord progressions, and the lyricists who need to write to loops and backing tracks.

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